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About Us

Soccer Wizards is a perfect platform for young individuals willing to spend their time on engaging, healthy activities with group of future football players.

Soccer Wizards is an international sport community, which gathers football enthusiasts from countries across Europe. 90% of our members & card owners are young football players, who attend trainings and football competitions on regular basis. Many of them want to combine a professional approach to achieving sport related goals with an enjoyable atmosphere and the pure thrill of a good game of football.

Our members use Soccer Wizards cards as their individual name cards, which can be exchanged during sport events with other players or their friends. These cards can be used in a wide variety of ways including: giving autographs, collecting the cards of promising up-and-coming players, playing games, introducing sport achievements and so on.

Join us to create your own football name card and play with others.

Professional football cards

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Use them as your name cards.

  • Agility 80%
  • Schooting 78%
  • Drybling 89%
  • Defense 40%

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